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Catering For Common Dietary Requirements

We live in a time where food preferences and dietary requirements vary more widely than ever before. Inclusive catering has become a challenge that requires flexibility, creativity and an in-depth understanding of the complexity of dietary restrictions. From intolerances to lifestyle choices, accommodating these needs is not simply a matter of providing sustenance but a way to care for your guests.

Food Champs have experience catering to a wide spectrum of adapted diets and use their expertise to create mouthwatering dishes for every individual. So if you don’t know your Kosher from your Keto, hand the food over to the professionals and enjoy the party you’ve spent so long planning.

What We Need From You

Food Champs handle all areas of menu design, ordering, sourcing local ingredients, food preparation, cooking, presentation and the clear up. We even provide waiting staff, food displays, napkins, cutlery and crockery. We are licensed and insured so that you and your property are protected.

  • Your culinary role is small:
  • Specify which dietary requirements need to be catered for.
  • Provide the number of guests for each requirement.
  • Select your chosen menu from a range of delicious dishes, created by us.

Vegetarian And Vegan Options

There are few events where plant-based food doesn’t need to be considered. Vegetarianism and veganism are now mainstream dietary requirements due to health, ethical and environmental concerns. Catering for these diets needs to go beyond the token vegetable platter or salad bar. Food Champs design dishes that showcase the diversity and richness of plant-based ingredients. Imagine smoked aubergine with curried red lentils, squash and smoked cheese Wellington, and carrot cake with a ginger crumb. You may want to order extra for the carnivores in the room!

Allergies And Intolerances

Allergic reactions can be severe and cross-contamination must be avoided at all costs, which is why Food Champs give food preparation and handling meticulous attention to detail. Our chefs are well-versed in using alternative ingredients such as gluten-free flour, dairy-free butter and sugar-free sweeteners. If your event offers table service, we will ask you where guests with dietary restrictions will be sitting before the meal and serve their plates first. If you opt for a buffet, ‘free-from’ foods will be separated, labelled and given their own serving utensils.

Religious Dietary Requirements

Halal and Kosher diets dictate specific preparation methods before consumption and list certain foods that should be avoided. Food Champs have a wide variety of dishes suitable for all religious dietary requirements and our suppliers provide Halal and Kosher meat. For religious or personal reasons, many people avoid alcohol so you should ensure that your bar also offers a range of refreshing soft drinks.

Sweet Endings

For many, desserts are the highlight of an event. Food Champs cater to all dietary requirements without ever compromising on indulgence. Our expert chefs will use their knowledge of allergy-friendly alternatives to create sweet treats for everyone at your event. We challenge anyone to tell the difference between our gluten-free brownies/vegan ice cream and the real thing!

Contact Food Champs

Catering for restrictive diets can be daunting if you’re not a professional chef. Food Champs have catered hundreds of events, providing tasty alternatives that keep all guests satisfied and included. Call 07568172113 or email to discuss your event, or browse our existing menus online.

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