Terms And Conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions
  1. 1. The Price Includes:

* The ingredients

* The Chef’s travelling fees, up to 50 miles. Over 50 miles the charge is £0.60 per mile.

* The cooking of the dishes

* The washing up except for drinking glasses

  1. 2. We usually kindly suggest to choose the same option from each course for everyone where possible. We do make exceptions for any possible dietary requirements, however if you want to have several options from each course, we charge a surcharge per dish that is different from the majority chosen. If you wish to choose several options from a certain course, a surcharge of £20 (Starter, Dessert) – £25 (Main) per additional dish applies.
  1. 3. Please note that our prices don’t include setting and decorating the dinner table, serving and/or washing drink glasses, and extra staff members for example for drink service. But, if you wish any of these services included in your dinner, just let us know in advance and we will be more than happy to help. Recommended 1 waiter / 10 guests, however it can be less, depending on the type of catering. We`ll give you the minimum waiting staff criteria on your concrete quote. Extra costs will apply for these services. £17/hour/ waiting staff.
  1. 4. Cutlery surcharges (where needed, of course if you supply them, that`s also fine).


Favourites: £3.50-/ person

8-course / Royal premium: £5.oo-/ person

Buffet / Sharing / BBQ / Wedding, etc packages include cutlery.

  1. 5. At Food Champs we take allergies very seriously, please declare all allergens or special food requirements upon booking. Our Menu items may contain or come into contact with WHEAT, CRUSTACEANS, EGGS, FISH, PEANUTS, SOYBEANS, MILK, NUTS, CELERY, MUSTARD, SESAME, SULPHITES, LUPIN, MOLLUSCS. Our menu descriptions do not list all ingredients. If you have an allergy please let us know before booking. With prior notice, we can prepare allergen safe food.
  1. 6. Our chefs will arrive approximately 1-1.5 hours before serving the first course. This gives them enough time to set up the kitchen.
  1. 7. We need your final menu choices in writing with the full names of the courses as on the menu (to avoid misunderstandings) the latest till 7 days before your event.
  1. 8. The ALL YOU CAN PACKAGES / BOTTOMLESS (where apply) mean that guests can refill their plates as many times as they like for 3 hours from the start time of the service.

2. Payment Conditions of Events for less than 20 people

2. 1. All bookings must be fully paid for in advance. Once the full payment is received, your booking will be confirmed. We suggest you to make this payment as early as possible, because we cannot hold dates.

2. 2. PLEASE put your name and the event date as reference. Thank you.

2. 3. If you need to re-schedule or cancel, we will always do our best to help. If you request a change of date at least 21 days before the date you originally booked Food Champs may be able to change the date, subject to the availability of the chef, but this is not guaranteed. There is a 10% charge for this change.


3. Cancellation Policy of Events for less than 20 people

3. 1. If you confirm your cancellation at least 21 days before the confirmed date, you will receive a full refund, minus a 10% of the full amount for our administration charge.

3. 2. You will receive 50% refund if you confirm your cancellation between 14 days and 21 days before the confirmed date.

3. 3. We cannot offer any refund if you cancel less than 14 days in advance of the confirmed date.


4. Payment and Cancellation Policy of Events for 20 people or above

4. 1. To secure your booking, 25% deposit of the total payment must be paid at the day of your booking. This is non-refundable, unless your cancellation is within minimum 6 months notice. In case of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, subject to our availability you might want to post-pone your event with us at no further charges.

4. 2. Payment must be received, in full, no later than 4 weeks prior to the scheduled event.

4. 3. If full and cleared payment has not been received till 4 weeks prior to the event you will be asked to make immediate payment of the outstanding balance on the day

4. 4. You will receive a confirmation via email within 24 hours of receipt of payment confirming your booking.


5. Cancellation policy of Events for 20 people or above:

5. 1. Cancellations must be received in writing (via email) in advance of the event.

5. 2. The following cancellation charges apply:

a. 6+ months notice: Full refund of your deposit

b. Less than 6 months notice: No refund of the deposit, but you can post-pone your event, subject to availability.

c. Failure to attend, or less than 4 weeks notice: No refund.