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Food Catering That Takes Inspiration From Around The World

Food Champs are one of the leading food catering specialists in the Midlands for three reasons: firstly, we guarantee that every dish we create is delicious and memorable; secondly, we oversee all aspects of food for your event, including ordering ingredients, preparation, presentation and clearing away; finally, we create menus that exactly align with your culinary desires.

Our food takes inspiration from around the world – imagine delicate Thai curries, fruity Moroccan tagines, classic Italian bruschettas and Argentinian chimichurri steaks. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our preset options, we’ll build bespoke recipes to suit your palate.

Food Catering Options From Around The Globe

Classic British Delights
If you’re after the comforting tastes of traditional British dishes, Food Champs won’t disappoint. Our chefs can adorn your garden party trestle tables with afternoon tea treats, including tempting finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones and moreish pastries. Perhaps you wish to throw an elegant dinner party with a menu created from locally-sourced ingredients, showcasing the best British produce? Or maybe you want to throw caution to the wind and be dazzled by our modern twists on classic dishes? If traditional British cuisine is your preference, we’ll work with you to create the perfect menu.

European Elegance
When you leave the food catering to us, our expert chefs will create authentic flavours from whichever cuisine you crave. Our European options will transport your guests to the heart of the continent’s rich food culture. From the romantic allure of Italy with handmade pasta and aromatic sauces to the rustic charm of French charcuterie and artisanal cheeses, our European offerings celebrate the diversity of flavours that have enchanted palates for generations. Elevate your event by complementing each dish with a suitably paired wine to create a truly memorable experience.

Asian Favourites
The flavours of Asian cuisine are as diverse as they are delicious. You’ll find Chinise-inspired crispy duck, Thai curries and beef satay hailing from Indonesia firmly planted on our existing menus. Should you wish to roam further afield, our highly trained chefs relish the opportunity to exercise their creativity. To add a little excitement and showmanship to your event, allow your guests to experience the art of wok cooking as they savour the sizzling aromas of fresh ingredients cooked in front of their very eyes.

American BBQ
If you’re throwing a BBQ, the only thing that really matters is the menu! By outsourcing the food catering, you guarantee perfectly cooked meat, dishes for all dietary requirements and a mouthwatering aroma that will have your guests queuing at the grill from the moment they arrive. Our BBQ menu highlights dishes from around the globe, but if you choose to lock in on classic American dishes, you bring the irresistible appeal of slow-cooked meats and bold, smoky flavours to your event. Think steaks marinated in sticky Jack Daniels glaze, pulled pork sliders and chargrilled corn – irresistible.

South American Fiesta
If you want to infuse your event with the vivacious spirit of South America, our food catering can pay homage to the vibrant flavours and passionate cooking styles of the region. From succulent skewers of meat carved tableside to fresh and zesty seafood dishes, our South American offerings are a celebration of culinary excellence.

Book Food Champs For Your Next Event

Celebrating world food can be an exciting way to set your event apart from the rest. Whether you wish to celebrate a loved one’s heritage, you want the food to match the theme of your party, or you simply love dishes from a particular country, Food Champs will design an unforgettable menu.

Browse through our gallery and existing menus for inspiration or get in touch to discuss your ideas. Call 07568172113 or email to let us bring your culinary ideas to life with our diverse food catering services.

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