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How To Find The Right Caterers For You

Well, you’ve already found us, so job done! Great work!… Just kidding! We know that finding the right caterers for you can be a difficult task. To make it easier, we’ve put together a list of the things that you need to consider before making this kind of decision.

Do The Caterers Meet Your Requirements?

Working out whether a caterer meets your requirements may seem like the most obvious thing in the world and it may well be. The issue is that there are so many things to consider and, when you’re busy planning the rest of your event, it’s hard to keep track of everything in your head at once. Here are some of the most important things that you need to check:

Event Type – What kind of event are you planning? This will have a considerable influence on who will be appropriate to cater for you. The formality of the occasion and style needs to be considered. For example, a refined, formal wedding may not be the right place for a hog roast. Fortunately, if you find a high quality, talented caterer *cough* like us *cough* they can do both!

Event Size – How many guests are you expecting? Your caterer will need to know how many people will be enjoying their food and there may be some restrictions. We work hard to provide our services to everyone with the good taste to book us, but we will need to have a chat about the specifics.

What Is Included? – To ensure that your event runs smoothly you need to make sure that you are clear about exactly what the caterers will be providing. In order to make sure that you have the best chance to enjoy the whole occasion, we can provide you with servers, napkins, cutlery and crockery alongside our award-winning chefs. Of course, as all of our catering is bespoke and tailored perfectly to you, if you feel you don’t want these helpful extras then we can exclude them. (We would strongly advise them though – it means you can sit back and relax and won’t even have to wash up afterwards!)

Special Requirements – Make sure that any caterers you use have advanced knowledge of any dietary restrictions! You don’t want to forget your mother-in-law’s peanut allergy and leave her with nothing to eat, you’ll end up spending the day trying to dodge her scowls. If you have any kids attending, you also need to consider what they will want to eat. We have a separate menu for any young gourmets.

Quality – Whatever kind of event you are throwing and whatever kind of food you choose, you need to make sure that it is top quality stuff! We ensure this by using only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients prepared by our experienced, highly regarded chefs.

Do The Caterers Have Good Reviews?

Once you’ve considered all of the above factors, you should check that the caterers you choose have a number of good reviews. All businesses will claim to provide the best, most beautiful and delicious meals, which are made and served with love. You should get the legitimate opinion of some previous customers. If you search us online, you’ll find loads of fabulous Google Reviews! Here’s a couple of examples:

‘Two birthday celebrations 70th and 40th. What better way to share memories with family than a delicious menu cooked to perfection by Food Champs? Would thoroughly recommend.’

– Marilyn Evans

‘A fantastic experience from start to end. Very responsive and accommodating in the booking and lead up to the event. Upon arrival, the chef was very approachable and personable. The food looked and tasted fantastic. Very high quality products. My kitchen was spotless at the end like he’d never even been. This company are great and really take the hassle out of catering a dinner party. Highly recommend.’

-Stacey Scotter

Get Booked!

By now, we’re sure you can see that if you want caterers who can provide a wide range of food options, suitable for any occasion, with great service and no clean up left for you, we’re the right choice!

All you need to do now is get booked! Simply fill out this online contact form or email us at

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