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Corporate Event Catering

When you’re trying to focus at work it can be really distracting if there are stomachs rumbling around you. Ensure everyone is well-fed and morale is up with our corporate event catering, which promises something to suit every taste and occasion!

Why Cater A Corporate Event?

Picture the scene… You have a corporate event coming up, everything is planned and prepared, schedules are scheduled, printouts printed and presentations ready to be presented. The big day comes and everything is running smoothly, but after a while you start to notice people becoming distracted and fidgety. They’re hungry. You haven’t provided food. Arguments break out, deals aren’t made, everyone leaves, your company goes bust, you’re unemployed, the bank repossesses your house and your partner leaves you.

Ok, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but event catering really can help the occasion:

Set the tone – Show people what kind of business you are, for example. Starting by passing out delicious canapés shows you are a sophisticated company whereas easy bites and finger foods are more fun and relaxed.

Create a lasting impression – Who forgets a fantastic meal? No one! Everyone at the event will remember your generous, delicious offerings and associate you with a positive experience.

Start the day right – A corporate breakfast can be a great option. People are less distracted, there’s less chance of potential meeting conflicts, and attendees will be less likely to cancel last minute and more likely to arrive on time. Not everyone is a morning person, but a good breakfast and free-flowing coffee will get anyone moving!

Why Do You Need Event Catering?

Couldn’t you just buy a load of croissants and set out some bread and a toaster? Yes, you could, but we wouldn’t advise it. You want to provide options and cover all of your bases when it comes to things like dietary requirements and preferences.

You’re unlikely to already own appropriate equipment. Even if you only serve cold food, so you don’t need to keep things warm, how are you going to have enough hot tea and coffee to go around? No one wants to be on tea duty for 30 people! Plus, you’ve then got all the cleanup to do, whereas with our services we do all of that for you.

>With all the shopping, setting up, tea making and cleanup, you’re going to be busy. Do you really want to spend the event making sure people have managed to eat and drink enough? It seems like a waste when your expertise would be better used within the business discussions.

In short, you should get professional event catering to make your life easier, help the event to run smoothly and to make the most of the occasion.

Team Event Catering

We’ve been talking more about special events so far, but why not use our services to provide a delicious meal for your staff, making a usual work day something to get excited about?!

Promote connections – Staff will be more likely to eat together if you provide the meal, giving them a great chance to have a chat and get to know each other better. It also means individuals who don’t tend to work together are given the chance to hang out, which can encourage more collaboration between departments.

Increase morale – Cheer your team up! The current economic situation is stressful for everyone and whilst a catered lunch isn’t going to magically solve that, it will give your staff something to smile about and a bit of time to relax. (Extra bonus, this also increases productivity!)

Talent retention and acquisition – Offering these kinds of perks shows your business to be a nice, friendly place to work and that’s a place that people will want to stay and a team that potential employees want to be a part of. (Training new employees is much more expensive than keeping old ones happy.)

Keep your team healthy – Having meals provided means staff don’t have to quickly grab something to eat at work. Our event catering can provide healthy meals to keep your staff feeling their best. That means fewer sick days and increased productivity.

Whether a one-off or (even better) a new regular occurrence, we have menus to suit all companies and all tastes!

Get In Touch

Ready to impress potential clients, wow future collaborators and/or keep your team happy, healthy and productive? If so, it’s time to book our corporate event catering services. All you need to do is get in touch at and we’ll start planning your menu!

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