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Mothers Day Catering With Food Champs

Mothers Day is an occasion to honour the immeasurable contributions of mothers, grandmothers and maternal figures. It’s a day to express love, appreciation and gratitude for their selfless devotion. Imagine elevating this celebration with a specially curated Mothers Day catering feast from Food Champs – a gesture that speaks volumes.

Bringing Generations Together

In the spirit of this heartfelt celebration, Food Champs believes in the power of shared meals to bring families together. The significance of this tradition is heightened on special occasions like Mothers Day, where the bonds between mothers, grandmothers and their children take centre stage. Our Mothers Day catering options make it effortless for multiple generations to gather around a table adorned with delectable dishes, creating a feast that mirrors the richness of your family history.

Mothers Day Catering Options

8-Course Tasting Menu
For those with a love of fine dining, our signature 8-course tasting menu is a gastronomic journey that explores a wide variety of flavours and dishes in a single sitting. Ideal for those who appreciate culinary creativity and expertise, each course is a masterpiece highlighting unique ingredients. Share your thoughts on favourite flavour combinations around the table, creating special Mothers Day memories through a culinary adventure.

Afternoon Tea
For a more relaxed yet elegant Mothers Day catering option, our afternoon tea experience is perfect. Picture a leisurely afternoon surrounded by the warmth of family, indulging in delicate finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones and an array of sweet, flaky pastries. Engage in hours of grazing, conversation and shared laughter, all while a selection of teas and coffees creates the perfect backdrop for this cherished occasion.

For those who appreciate a more traditional and hearty approach to Mothers Day catering, our carvery option is the perfect choice. Picture this – a grand spread featuring succulent roasts, flavorful gravy and an array of perfectly cooked vegetables. Our carvery is a feast fit for a queen, offering a delightful selection of expertly carved meats, ensuring that every bite is as good as the last. It’s the ideal option for families who want to enjoy a classic Sunday roast without the stress of cooking.

One of the highlights of our carvery is the ability to customise your plate according to individual preferences. Whether mum prefers her roast well-done or with a touch of pink, our skilled chefs are ready to carve the perfect slice to her liking. Add on a selection of delectable sauces and accompaniments to enhance the dining experience further, ensuring everyone at the table gets exactly what they desire.

Book Today To Avoid Disappointment

Food Champs wishes you a Mothers Day filled with joy, laughter and extraordinary flavours. Our Mothers Day catering services offer the convenience and luxury to transform your celebration into a memorable event. To secure your spot, we recommend booking promptly to avoid disappointment.

Email or complete a contact form via our website and we’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours. Be the first to hear our latest news and promotions by connecting with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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