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Tried Other Catering Companies? Time To Try Food Champs

When it comes to catering companies, Food Champs will be the last one you try. We combine culinary artistry with bespoke experiences to help you create unforgettable events. Now that 2024 is thoroughly underway, let’s take a look at Food Champs’ private chef services before you start planning your next celebration.

Why Shouldn’t I Use Other Catering Companies?

The answer lies in the dedication of our chefs and the unmatched culinary experiences they curate. Each dish is a testament to their precision and passion. For those seeking an intimate dinner or a grand celebration, Food Champs‘ private chef services are simply second to none.

Other catering companies might claim to be the best but we are renowned for our relentless pursuit of culinary excellence, as illustrated in our wonderful reviews. Our chefs take pride in crafting experiences that go beyond the ordinary and are unparalleled in their ability to turn every meal into a masterpiece.

Intimate Dinner Parties For Any Occasion

Picture a table featuring French Onion Tarte Tatin, Goat’s Cheese Crumb and Fermented Tomato Gel, setting the tone for an 8-course tasting menu that unfolds, ending with a Belgian Chocolate & Praline Gateau with Caramelised Honey Pecans and Yoghurt Sorbet with Yuzu & Sesame. That’s not to mention everything in between! Whether it’s the Butter Seared Scallops or the Haggis Bon-Bons, each course brings something entirely new to the table. 

The benefits of having a private chef extend beyond the exquisite dishes; it’s about bringing the restaurant experience to the comfort of your home. This intimate setting allows for interaction with the chef, providing insights into the culinary process and making the dining experience unique. Other catering companies simply can’t compare!

Crafting Culinary Love Stories

Our bespoke wedding catering services feature menus inspired by, well, you! Unlike other catering companies, we want our food to complement your day. We know we’re not the main event, but we want to make sure your guests love every last bite, enhancing the joyous atmosphere and leaving guests raving about what they’ve eaten. You won’t have a thing to worry about, at least not when it comes to food!

Extras include:

  • A canapé service (minimum 20 guests) featuring 3-8 choices.
  • Our tea/coffee package, which includes cutlery and crockery.
  • A wedding tasting session, which would usually be arranged for a weekday.
  • Desserts, except where included.

With Food Champs overseeing the catering, you can focus on creating memories with those you love most. We ensure a seamless service, leaving a lasting impression.

Corporate Catering Options

Corporate events in 2024 demand catering that not only satisfies the palate but can be adapted to different dietary needs. Food Champs steps up with tailored lunch box options, transforming ordinary lunches into extraordinary experiences. The Corporate Lunch Box, with its finger sandwiches, gourmet sides, and refreshing beverages, provides a delicious break from the mundane.

You could even choose our afternoon tea, which is an infusion of sophistication, perfect for mingling and networking or a more formal 4-course meal, ideal for high-stakes meetings and celebratory events. Why not go the extra mile with our delicious canapés? These miniature masterpieces set the stage for engaging business events and will be sure to start a conversation.

Time To Start Planning

Whatever you’re planning, don’t choose other catering companies, choose Food Champs. We will create an experience that will be sure to turn special occasions into memories etched with flavour. Make your celebration extraordinary – enquire about our private chef services today! 

Contact us by emailing or calling 07568 172113. Don’t forget to visit our Instagram and Facebook profiles to see more from our team.

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