Behind Food Champs is a team who are deeply passionate about food. We are constantly exploring new flavour combinations, taking inspiration from our own culinary experiences and experimenting with original dishes. Each tasting menu we produce is a culmination of years of experience and a desire to share exciting dishes that reflect our journey. Our 8-course menu offers an ideal catering solution for intimate gatherings through to larger formal events. Here’s why you should let our signature menu take centre stage at your next event.

Why Should You Book A Tasting Menu

A Special Way To Celebrate Any Occasion
Birthdays, anniversaries and milestone events deserve to be celebrated with more than a standard meal. Food Champs’ 8-course tasting menus offer a unique and special way to mark important occasions. With a minimum number of 4 guests, our menus suit intimate gatherings of close friends and family or can be rolled out for grand celebrations.

Experience New Flavours
A tasting menu helps you to understand the world of the chef – our vision, influences and individual take on flavour. Dishes are smaller in size but more numerous than a traditional meal and push gastronomical boundaries. Whether you’re a creature of habit who always orders the same dishes or you love exploring new food, we invite you to savour flavours that you’ve never encountered before. Prepare your palate for an adventure!

Showcasing Our Chefs’ Expertise
Our team has experience working across a number of different countries and our menus reflect the inspiration taken from global cuisine. Each dish in our signature tasting menu is a harmonious blend of flavours infused with culinary traditions from around the world. Drawing on our collective experience gained from working at high-level positions in 5-star hotels, fine dining and rosette award-winning restaurants, we bring innovative flavour pairings and artistic presentation to every plate.

Exceptional Ingredients
High-quality produce is the cornerstone of Food Champs’ philosophy. We believe that fresh, seasonal ingredients are the building blocks of extraordinary dishes, packing each bite with mouthwatering taste. We combine premium ingredients with our wealth of knowledge to ensure that our dishes deliver a depth of flavour that cannot be replicated by amateur cooks.

Restaurant-Quality Food In Your Home
Transform your home into a private dining oasis where you can savour the luxury of having everything taken care of. Your chef will handle all of the prep, cooking and cleaning so you can enjoy high-end dishes without any of the hassle. Food Champs turn your house into a restaurant, allowing you to focus on creating cherished memories with your guests.

Catering For Dietary Requirements
Our chefs are adept at catering for a diverse range of dietary needs. We offer alternative dishes for vegetarians, vegan guests and those who suffer from allergies and intolerances. Our plant-based or allergen-free alternatives do not compromise on flavour despite being different from our signature dishes. Food Champs create inclusive menus that delight every palate. Be sure to mention specific allergies or dietary restrictions when you make your enquiry.

Reserve The Date For Your Upcoming Celebration

Contact us today to secure the date for your next event. Whether it’s a small get-together or a grand soirée, a Food Champs tasting menu promises to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Email or complete the contact form on our website and we’ll aim to be in touch within 24 hours. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our latest news and offers. You’ll find us on Facebook and Instagram.