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Office Catering For Meetings & Presentations

The right office catering package sets the tone for a professional gathering. Motivate staff at internal meetings or impress clients who have been invited into the office. Food Champs offer luxury corporate lunch boxes that cover all dietary needs, creating a convenient and tasty alternative to self-catering. Hiring professional caterers allows employees to focus on their core responsibilities rather than diverting attention to meal preparation. And when you pair gourmet food with business, you’re sure to get the best out of your staff!


Cater Yourself – Attempt to cut bread with a butter knife and stack sandwiches 10 high on a tiny kitchen worktop.
Food Champs – Prepare food in our licensed and inspected kitchen, fully kitted out with all the culinary gadgets needed for a lavish lunchtime offering.


Cater Yourself – Nobody wants to cater for a large group of people with diverse palates. Colleagues avoid eye contact with you every time this is mentioned.
Food Champs – We love what we do and thrive on consistently receiving 5-star feedback for our office catering services.

Dietary requirements

Cater Yourself – Potentially hospitalise a teammate after forgetting they have a severe peanut allergy.
Food Champs – Choose from pre-made menus that cater for all common dietary requirements and allergies. Ensure all food is prepared and served separately to avoid crossover.

Food quality

Cater Yourself – You might make a delicious lunch for yourself but catering for large groups is a whole different ball game. Purchasing high-quality ingredients in your local supermarket can also be expensive.
Food Champs – Use premium suppliers to buy items at affordable prices, passing the savings on to you. Consistently high standards whether you book office catering for 10 or 100.

Clean up

Cater Yourself – Assign the kitchen clean up to a few unhappy team members who will grumble that they ‘have more important work to do’. Or annoy the office cleaners by forgetting to mention that you’re hosting a catered meeting.
Food Champs – All corporate lunch box packaging is easily recycled or disposed of to straighten up the office quickly.

Corporate Lunch Boxes

Each corporate lunch box contains 6 food items and a soft drink. Sandwich fillings include roast beef, horseradish cream and watercress; home-roasted ham and whole grain mustard; and roasted red pepper hummus and vegan cheese – visit our website to view the complete list. Allowing individuals to choose their sandwich fillings, salad, sweet treat and a drink ensures everyone receives a delicious lunch that they’re completely satisfied with.

Inside each corporate lunch box:

  • Finger Sandwiches with a choice of filling (or two)
  • Gluten-free Cumberland sausage rolls
  • Homemade mini cheese & chive or cheese & tomato quiche
  • Premium crisps
  • One homemade traybake cake/muffin
  • One homemade salad
  • One soft drink

Get In Touch With Food Champs

Food Champs office catering saves valuable time and effort and creates a more professional experience. We bring a level of expertise and culinary variety that can be challenging to replicate when handling food preparation in-house. Well-fed employees give 100%, contributing to more successful meeting outcomes.

To find out more about our office catering services, including alternatives to corporate lunch boxes, email Alternatively, complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


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