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Christmas Catering – How To Choose The Perfect Menu

Selecting the ultimate Christmas catering menu with Food Champs will turn your party from great to unforgettable. Food plays a critical role in event planning and the right dishes have the power to enhance the entire experience. Getting the menu right depends on multiple factors so Food Champs offer a diverse selection to suit every occasion. Hosting a Christmas office party for 200? We’ve got you covered. An intimate gathering with friends at home? No problem. Let’s take a look at how to perfectly pair the menu with your event.

Christmas Catering Top Tips

How Many Guests Are Attending?
Estimating how many attendees you will have at your event is a good place to start when planning the food. Larger parties lend themselves to lavish buffets, where a variety of dishes cater for diverse palates and everyone can choose their favourites. Waiting staff offering bite-sized canapés is a great way to circulate food at the start of a party. Plated meals can be created for any number of guests, however, you must be sure that you have the space to seat all of your guests.

How Formal Is Your Event?
The level of formality at your Christmas party has a considerable bearing on the style in which the food is offered. Seated guests and table service are the most popular option for formal events, whereas buffets, food stations and bottomless platters suit casual affairs. By contrast, Food Champs can create beautifully presented, opulent dishes to give a buffet a more elegant appeal and deliver home-cooked classics for a more relaxed sit-down meal.

What Time Of Day?
The time your party starts affects your Christmas catering options. If your office is finishing early to kick off the celebrations, afternoon tea or a buffet allows people to pick and choose when they want to eat. Evening events normally have more substantial offerings, with hot dishes and desserts providing a feast for the senses.

Where Is It Being Held?
Wherever possible, we prepare and cook food onsite to ensure each dish is fresh and the perfect temperature. If your venue does not have a usable space onsite, we will use our own licensed and professional kitchen, arranging delivery or collection for your pre-prepared menu. Our adaptable approach guarantees high quality dishes at every event.

What’s Your Budget?
Communicate your budget with Food Champs and we’ll create a Christmas catering menu within your financial parameters. We firmly believe that fresh, delicious food can also be affordable. We have plenty of experience producing dishes that wow guests whilst respecting budgetary boundaries.

What Dietary Requirements Are There?
Guaranteeing that there are tasty options for every guest is one of the major perks of leaving Christmas catering to the professionals. Preparing dishes that account for dietary restrictions and common allergies is an integral part of our industry so when you choose Food Champs, you can be sure that your menu will be inclusive. By experimenting with flavour combinations and substitute ingredients, we are confident that our alternatives are just as delicious as the main offerings.

Contact Food Champs

As December inches ever closer, it is important to arrange your Christmas catering as soon as possible. Food Champs get booked up quickly so we advise reserving your chosen date to avoid disappointment. Final numbers and menu options will be needed a minimum of 7 days prior to your event. Email or complete our online contact form to get in touch. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with our latest news and offers.

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