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Gender Reveal & Baby Shower Catering

Congratulations on your growing family! If you’re planning an event to mark your pregnancy, Food Champs offers a delicious and stress-free baby shower catering service. Professional chefs can transform your party into a refined affair that reflects the importance of the next chapter in your life. With Food Champs at the helm, you can create lasting memories without the burden of kitchen duties. We’ll even clear up at the end!

Our Top Tips For Baby Shower Catering

Consider The Size & Location Of Your Party
Your guest list and location may determine what sort of food you want to serve at your gender reveal or baby shower. If you’re inviting close family and friends to your home, an intimate sit-down meal may be the best way to celebrate, but if you’re expecting lots of guests, a casual buffet may be more appropriate.

Consider Appetite Changes
Aversions to specific foods can change throughout a pregnancy. Food Champs can advise on foods that are unsafe for soon-to-be mums, such as unpasteurised cheese and rare meat. They will require additional guidance to ensure their baby shower catering options avoid unwanted ingredients, with updates given if these change prior to your event.

Go Easy On Blue & Pink Food
Whether you’re finding out on the day or you already know your baby’s gender, it can be tempting to go overboard on blue or pink. Decide if food will play a crucial role in your gender reveal and stick to one dish to bite into which will unveil your secret. Additives and colourants can lower the quality and visual appearance of catered dishes, making them less appetising for your guests. A gesture, such as themed cupcakes, provides a subtle acknowledgement of the sex of your baby without becoming too kitsch.

RSVP With Dietary Restrictions
Be sure to ask your guests to outline any dietary requirements or allergies they have when they RSVP. To receive the best baby shower catering service from Food Champs, we require final numbers and dietary information 7 days before your event. This allows us to order and prepare food to accommodate all of your guests, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, non-dairy, low-sugar and religious restrictions. All dishes are clearly labelled when presented as part of afternoon tea or a buffet.

Our Baby Shower Catering Services

Classic Buffet
The self-serve nature of a buffet encourages mingling and conversation, which helps to create a chilled ambience at your event. Cold dishes are perfect for daytime events and for those who prefer a lighter plate, whereas hot dishes offer a more hearty meal. Our menus for both options provide a wide array of dishes suitable for dietary restrictions and preferences among your guests.

Afternoon Tea
Our most popular baby shower catering choice is afternoon tea. Dainty finger sandwiches, buttery scones and flaky pastries served alongside tea and coffee creates a relaxed social atmosphere. The assortment of different sweet and savoury treats caters to different tastes, making it an ideal choice for larger groups. The aesthetic presentation of the cake stands and tea service also adds an elegant visual element to your party.

3-Course Meal
A sit-down meal promotes closeness and connection at smaller gatherings. Share exciting conversations with all of your guests as you enjoy each course together. The attention to detail that Food Champs gives will be evident in all aspects of your event, from the presentation of dishes to the pacing of your meal, making your baby shower special and memorable. Browse our Favourites Menu to select your perfect canapé, starter, main and dessert.

Get In Touch With Food Champs

Whether you’re planning an event for yourself or a loved one, Food Champs can remove the hassle of baby shower catering. With years of experience in international cooking, our menu creation, personalised dishes and overall execution have afforded us countless 5-star reviews and repeat customers. Browse our website to view additional menus, peruse our gallery and read through FAQs. Email for general enquiries or call 07568 172113 to speak with us directly.

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