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Sustainable Catering With Food Champs

On the 16th of October, we celebrate World Food Day. The international celebration commemorates the date that the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organisation was founded, with exhibitions, performances, contests and concerts highlighting the importance of food security and sustainability. As we reflect on global hunger and successful agricultural systems, we must consider how sustainable catering can help to shape the future. Food Champs strive to source ingredients responsibly and reduce waste, playing a small but important role in avoiding the depletion of natural resources and maintaining ecological balance.

What Is Sustainable Catering?

Food Champs consider sustainability in all of our business practices, from sourcing ingredients to serving food. We research suppliers and carefully select the produce going into our dishes without limiting menu choices or compromising on taste.

Our Suppliers
We endeavour to use suppliers who uphold high welfare standards and prioritise sustainable farming practices. Choosing ingredients that are grown with care and animal produce from free-range farms not only has a more positive impact on the environment but also tastes better. A real win-win!

Local, Seasonal Produce
Supporting local farmers and sourcing seasonal produce is the cornerstone of sustainable catering. The closer your food is grown to you, the lower its carbon footprint. After all, why fly in your strawberries from overseas when the farm down the road is growing them? Moreover, fresh, seasonal ingredients harvested at the peak of ripeness deliver a burst of flavour that can’t be replicated by out-of-season alternatives.

Minimising Food Waste
It is globally estimated that up to one-third of food produced is thrown away uneaten. Food Champs is run by professional caterers with years of experience in the industry. We accurately forecast the amount of food needed for your event and plan portion sizes accordingly. This ensures that all attendees are satisfied and well-fed, without leaving plates full of food left over.

Plastic Free
As the world grapples with plastic pollution, using reusable cutlery and crockery plays a critical role in sustainable catering. Single-use plastics contribute significantly to environmental degradation and pose a severe threat to marine life. For larger events, Food Champs provide ceramic crockery and metal cutlery as part of their catering package. This is a more sustainable option but also feels much better to eat off/with!

Our Services

Food Champs is a 5-star rated sustainable catering company that specialises in weddings, corporate events and private chef services. With over 35 years of combined experience, we understand the unique demands of each type of event, ensuring your wedding is a dream come true, your business mixer is a resounding success and your intimate gathering is an unforgettable culinary experience. Our team of expert chefs are committed to crafting exquisite menus tailored to your preferences and our dedicated waiting staff provide impeccable service that will elevate your event to the next level.

Book Food Champs

Food Champs are a sustainable catering company that can turn your vision into a delicious reality. Call 07568 172113 or email to book our accomplished caterers for your next event. Browse through our existing menus for inspiration and read our FAQ page to learn more about our services. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know about our exciting menu creations and special promotions. We look forward to delivering a memorable dining experience to you and your guests!

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